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Eat Drink DishSeason 2

What Is Holding Me Back is I Am A Woman

Golnaz Yamoutpour - Lakeville Brewing Company

The most successful MN influencer Golnaz Yamoutpour from Eat.Drink.Dish sits down with me to discuss being a women in business isn’t what its cut out to be.

Lakeville Brewing Co. hosted us. You have to see the Rueben Nachos!

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Lakeville Brewing Company

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Jud Hailey:           Welcome to another episode of Brews and Eats with Bad Ass Peeps. My name is Jud Hailey. I’m a singer songwriter, and your host today. Today, we’re at Lakeville Brewing, and we’ve got our good friend Golnaz waiting for us inside. Join us.

[00:01:00] Today, we get to share a dish with Golnaz, the founder of Eat.Drink.Dish. Calling Minnesota home, Golnaz has taken her love for unique restaurants and food to a whole new level. Golnaz immigrated to the United States at the tender age of three, from Iran. She learned her second language, English, through America [00:01:30] television shows, such as the ones featured on the Cooking Network. Golnaz’s parents educated their children in entrepreneurship, by opening up a business in Minneapolis. Golnaz and her siblings assisted with the daily tasks of the business, to help their parents. Nearly graduating college, Golnaz started Eat.Drink.Dish in 2014, in response to the ever growing foodie community in Minneapolis. She is now a major influencer in Minnesota culinary world, using her superpower to drive attention to the new [00:02:00] and noteworthy kitchens.

Golnaz:                   [inaudible 00:02:02] Oh, that’s really good. It’s got a kick to it, too.

Jud Hailey:           It does. You don’t expect that.

Golnaz:                   No. I like it a lot. Do you like mussels, generally-

Jud Hailey:           I do, and I like the sausage with it, ’cause that’s unique.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, definitely.

Jud Hailey:           Welcome-

Golnaz:                   Hey, thank you.

Jud Hailey:           To Brew and Eats with Bad Ass Peeps.

Golnaz:                   That’s awesome. [00:02:30] I love the intro, the superpower, I love it.

Jud Hailey:           You have a superpower.

Golnaz:                   Really?

Jud Hailey:           Tell us a little bit more, fill in the gaps.

Golnaz:                   Fill in the gaps, okay, so yeah, I started Eat.Drink.Dish about three years ago, maybe four years ago now, 2014. Back then, Minnesota food wasn’t really like … it was kind of growing. Nothing was really kind of happening yet, and especially on Instagram too, but I was working full time, corporate, my first corporate job. I was project coordinator, and [00:03:00] really bored with my job, as most people are at my age, especially millennials. And then, so, I decided to do something else, and I was like, eh, maybe I should go back to school, maybe I should create something. I’ve always had a creative outlet, I just didn’t know how to use it. I didn’t know what to do. I took every art class in school, in high school. I was actually two years in landscape architecture in college, so I wanted to do something, yes, completely different, but then I went to nutrition, which we can kinda … we’ll go back to that.

But anyway, yeah, I had a nutrition background, I was working healthcare, [00:03:30] and I was like, yeah, I’ll go get my masters, because I need to learn about business. I knew I wanted to do something with business, I just didn’t know what it was, and I thought, no one’s gonna teach me. When you’re in the corporate world, no one teaches you anything. You’re just kinda like, they throw you in there, and we’ll give you, there and there, some tips, but I don’t know anything about finances, accounting, like whatever, so … and I need to be in school to do that. I can’t do YouTube videos, that’s just not me. So, I was like, I’ll get a degree, get some letters behind my name, eh, why not. So, I applied to go to Augsburg for grad school, and then within, [00:04:00] I think, the first class we have is leadership, and the professor there was an awesome professor. He actually became my mentor and career coach, because that’s kind of what he does too. And he was really all about the intrinsic value of, look into yourself, you can be anything you want to be, very kind of cheesy and cliché, but … and people have told you that, you always have this message growing up, you get to a point in your life, and you’re like, oh yeah, you really can be anything that you-

Jud Hailey:           You can be, today.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, especially today, with social media, and [00:04:30] people just … The perfect example is reality TV, which that’s my guilty pleasure is reality TV, and seeing people like, wow, really? You made it? You did something? Yeah, so, it was just kind of like, alright, cool. And then, he was just kind of, that class, also really propelled me into, you know what, I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna put my voice out there. I don’t feel like I’m really represented as a Minnesotan, especially when I traveled, whenever I said I was from Minnesota. I got that cliché, uh, where’s that, or like, oh, you’re at the [00:05:00] flyover state, or live on a farm. I’m like, no, I live in the city, I’m a total city girl. I love to eat, I love to travel. And I was like, you know what, I’m gonna put my voice out there, and that’s where Eat.Drink.Dish came about, but it was called Eat, Drink, Bitch, ’cause it was gonna be … I was gonna be like one of those, I go out with my friend, everybody was gonna talk about our life, and bitch about our life, and talk about food as well.

Jud Hailey:           That’s still a good thing.

Golnaz:                   It still could be a thing.

Jud Hailey:           Aside from being in business school, trying to find something else [00:05:30] to do, what was the ah-ha moment? Where did the gears actually click for you to create Eat.Drink.Dish?

Golnaz:                   I guess it goes back to, there’s an article that I saw. It was a New York Times articles, and it was based on the Minnesota dating scene. And that kind of was my-

Jud Hailey:           The dating scene?

Golnaz:                   The dating scene. I don’t know if you … that rings a bell? It was about the CC Club. I don’t know, it was kind of like the catalyst to be like, screw it, I’m just gonna do something, I’m gonna create [00:06:00] it, and Eat.Drink.Dish was … and food was actually something that I was like, I always had a knowledge about, because I studied nutrition. My parents owned a business. I waitressed for five, six years, so I knew the industry, I knew everything, kind of the ins and outs of it, so I felt confident enough to talk about it, and I always was that person to go to, at least with my friends, like oh, where should we go eat, or-

Jud Hailey:           And you would know a place, or somebody-

Golnaz:                   Yeah, I knew about everywhere in Minneapolis at that point. Now, it’s kind of like a long list of just, I need to go to this place now. It’s growing exponentially, [00:06:30] but that was kind of like the catalyst, and also, for me, there’s a lot of personal stuff too, that came with it. I think, growing up, I was also very limited, not mentally, I was just like, oh, you can only do so many things. I felt like there was a block, where I had to overcome.

Jud Hailey:           Like focus on one thing at a time?

Golnaz:                   Yeah, you should only do a job that you’re good at, or … I don’t know, there’s just a limitation, I don’t know if it’s being a women in society, or education, or the way you were … [00:07:00] you can only do so many thing. A whole, you can do whatever you want, wasn’t a really, a mental thing for me. It was kind of like, it came with your parents and the messages you get growing up. So, for me, Eat.Drink.Dish was, I had to force myself to be positive all the time, so that was something that I really wanted to change, because I always looked at the negative first. I’m more of a realist/pessimist I guess. So, with Eat.Drink.Dish, it really, what kept me going, when I first started [00:07:30] it, it was the fact that I always had to be positive, and my messaging always had to be positive. I can’t be like, this fucking sucks.

Jud Hailey:           You can swear, it’s YouTube.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, so this sucks, or my life, I don’t want to post today, ’cause my life is just in shambles, or I just don’t feel like it.

Jud Hailey:           You have to be consistent.

Golnaz:                   You have to be consistent, and you’re supporting, in a way, the mission was to support local businesses, and I don’t want to bash somebody-

Jud Hailey:           Did that change your core?

Golnaz:                   It did, yes, slowly but surely, it really did. And I’m really glad, ’cause [00:08:00] I was pretty much depressed most of the time growing up, ’cause I just didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was always lost, until like, I gotta pick a major, I gotta pick this, you gotta be focused on one thing, and I’m like, I’m not that person. I like a lot of different things, and I do a lot of different things in life.

Jud Hailey:           It almost sounds like you were swimming up river.

Golnaz:                   Yeah.

Jud Hailey:           Like you were doing what you thought you needed to do, and then you were like, wait a minute, [00:08:30] maybe this is the direction I need to go.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, exactly. Like going to college, I did not want to go to college. I would have loved to go straight to working.

Jud Hailey:           Let’s dive into this thing here.

Golnaz:                   Yeah.

Jud Hailey:           The Reuben nacho.

Golnaz:                   Never seen Reuben nachos.

Jud Hailey:           [00:09:00] So this is the lager, that they always have. Cheers.

Golnaz:                   Cheers.

Jud Hailey:           It’s really nice with this.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, it’s very light.

Jud Hailey:           Crisp.

Golnaz:                   Crisp, yeah.

Jud Hailey:           So tell us about the moment that it was all starting to collapse, and you started to maybe reach back to your old ways. There’s probably a moment where you were like, I’m really scared right now.

Golnaz:                   [00:09:30] Yeah, perfect moment. So, I think I said earlier, so I had a partner when I first started doing Eat.Drink.Dish. It was me and this other girl. We were 50/50, and we kind of did our … we both had full time jobs. We did our own parts, but we never really thought it was gonna be a business. We LLC’d it, but we like … what is this? We didn’t even know what it is. We couldn’t explain it. We’re like, we know it’s influencer marketing, but we couldn’t define it as a business, and so we struggled [00:10:00] for two years. We were good partners, but we struggled for two years in defining the roles, and kind of keeping the thing going, as our own perspectives went into, I had an image of it, and she probably had an image of it. And actually, this time last year, I was the one that came up to her and was like, yeah, I want to do this by myself. And it was kind of a moment where I was like, I really can see this going somewhere, and it was just going super slow.

It was slower than I would liked it to go, and having a partner, it was, honestly, [00:10:30] I never married, but it’s probably like being in a marriage. You have to consult that person in every decision you make, and you might not see eye to eye. And having a part-time hustle, even makes it even slower, ’cause you’re doing it part-time, and you also have to consult this person, and then you’re just like, you know what, I felt like this was really my idea and my baby, and at that time she was already married, she just got married, she was pregnant. And I was like, you’re going the whole different direction, and I’m kind of like, the single girl. I’m independent, I’m doing this by myself. I just gotta do it, and so [00:11:00] I had the uncomfortable talk with her. She took it really well, but within a week, since we didn’t have a membership agreement, as in we didn’t really talk about how it’s gonna work if someone departs, that kind of got a little ugly, and that was my scary moment of like, is this something I just want to let go. Is this really worth it?

Jud Hailey:           To start over?

Golnaz:                   To start over, or change the name? There was talks of … I got my lawyer friends involved, so it was semi-serious, pretty serious kind of business entrepreneurial [00:11:30] experience, and I was like, it really ate me inside.

Jud Hailey:           Hard to sleep at night, yeah.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, and I have a week to decide, ’cause I want to start January 1st, me or something else. I don’t know. And so, that was kind of my, I don’t know if it was a failure moment, but it was kind of like I almost stopped-

Jud Hailey:           So this is the Hashtag [00:12:00] IPA. This is also one of their staples, so let’s cheers to this one here.

Golnaz:                   That’s not bad.

Jud Hailey:           No, that’s not as happy as I would have expected.

Golnaz:                   I’m not a big fan of hops, but that’s pretty good. I wonder why it’s called Hashtag.

Jud Hailey:           Uh, social media maybe? What was holding you back to starting Eat.Drink.Dish?

Golnaz:                   What’s really holding me back is the … I think the fact that I’m a woman, I’m 30 years old, and people that I’ve seen, at least in a woman support group [00:12:30] or whatever, what other woman mentors that I’ve seen, I haven’t really seen anyone that I can relate to, as … Most women I know have spouses or someone at home to help them out. There’s some kind of financial support there, and I’m like, if I do this, it’s just me. My parents, they’re old and retired, I can’t lean on them, so I really have to have this smart way of doing it. I can’t just go total homeless, which I totally appreciate people that do that, and they go back and live in their cars and stuff like that. I just don’t know if I can do that right now.

Jud Hailey:           I don’t know anybody who does that.

Golnaz:                   I’ve heard stories of like, [00:13:00] I was homeless, and I penny pinched. I’m like, yeah, I also have student loans. I have a lot of responsibility. I’m at that age where I’m like, I don’t know if I can do that right now.

Jud Hailey:           I don’t think you should do that.

Golnaz:                   Yeah.

Jud Hailey:           Okay, but anyways.

Golnaz:                   And also, I probably could have done this, I think, personally, if I didn’t have the partnership, because that monetarily set me back a lot, ’cause if I had that monetary advance, I probably would be already doing this full time, [00:13:30] or trying to do it full time.

Jud Hailey:           Yeah, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, exactly, so that kind of was a set back, so I just started from zero, back in June, was pretty much where I had to start from zero again, so it was like the next six months, and so I’m like, okay, next journey. This is take two, I guess, take two of Eat.Drink.Dish, and let’s see if I can actually-

Jud Hailey:           Listen people, go to eatdrinkdishminneapolis.com, right?

Golnaz:                   Yes.

Jud Hailey:           There’s a button, it says fun, please.

Golnaz:                   [00:14:00] Yeah, so …

Jud Hailey:           What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Golnaz:                   The best advice is probably just be like, believe in yourself. When I first started Eat.Drink.Dish, the biggest learning curve for me, or I guess the biggest lesson learned, was that I … You usually expect the people closes to you to support you, your friends, your family, and blah blah blah. My family, they’re supportive, [00:14:30] but you don’t expect them to come to all of your events, and they’re not gonna be like, posting and liking and you know. So that, for me, was like, oh, yeah, I’m pretty much alone in this. I can’t rely on my friends and everybody to support me in this. They’re not gonna push me in this way. I really have to kind of just build my own network. So, through Eat.Drink.Dish, I met a lot of people that have the similar interest and stuff, and so they’ve actually been my support group, and that didn’t make sense to me before. I thought, once you start something, a business or anything like that, it’s your media. You have like your posse, [00:15:00] you have a crew, you have someone to push you in a way, and I was like-

Jud Hailey:           It’s not that way.

Golnaz:                   No, and I got disappointed, because I had a few events, and I had the people I wanted to come to support me, didn’t, and I was like, you can’t take it personal, because everybody has their own life, and they can only support you so much. So that, for me, was, I guess, the biggest advice was believe in yourself, and be your biggest supporter, because at the end of the day, it’s just you, and you’re the only one that’s gonna push you through anything. You’re the biggest obstacle, and I am my worst enemy, which [00:15:30] I think most people could say that about themselves. If there is sabotage, it’s probably going to be me, versus someone else is gonna sabotage it.

Jud Hailey:           Should we do another cheers?

Golnaz:                   You should. Which one are we doing?

Jud Hailey:           Let’s do Hashtag. I’m drinking considerably more than you are.

Golnaz:                   Probably. I’m a savory person, so I taste … I like to taste everything.

Jud Hailey:           Yeah, well, I mean, that’s why you do what you do. If I had a dish in front of me, it’s gone almost in three minutes-

Golnaz:                   That’s like my brother, inhaled. Did you breathe?

Jud Hailey:           And it tasted [00:16:00] good.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, I know.

Jud Hailey:           What’s a personal habit that contributes to the success of Eat.Drink.Dish?

Golnaz:                   I guess it’s my consistency. I’m a very … once I get into something, I get kind of OCD about it, and the fact that it … A lot of people ask, why did it grow, how did you get so big, is because I post and check that shit every day. I study that stuff. It’s a personal habit for me to just … I don’t know, once I really like something, I just go in and out of it. I’m always on it. It’s like a song. When a song comes out that I love, I’ll replay [00:16:30] that shit like a million times, until it’s in my brain, and then I’m like, I’m done. Yeah, with Eat.Drink.Dish, things change, and I think that’s why it keeps my interest going, because Instagram changes its stuff, or the followers kind of change, the food changes, so I’m always checking, so there’s always some kind of, I don’t know what you call it, there’s a chase to it.

Jud Hailey:           Sure, it always advances, always changes.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, it always innovates, and everything like that. So, for me, which I had noticed with other foodies, it’s something that I do for fun and whatever, [00:17:00] but for me, it’s like, I don’t know, it’s something I’m obsessed with, and when we did the whole growth aspect of it, when we started growing the account, it was me 24/7, like a whole week of just me non-stop-

Jud Hailey:           Posting.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, so I have this obsessive … I don’t know if it’s a personal habit, but it’s something that’s just in me-

Jud Hailey:           It makes the best entrepreneur, is somebody who’s obsessed about it.

Golnaz:                   You get really obsessed about something, until it’s like done and fixed, or whatever.

Jud Hailey:           So do you take pictures using your cellphone?

Golnaz:                   Yeah, so the account is curated [00:17:30] for the most part, so we do the whole repost thing, and that’s where Gary Vaynerchuk came into play, where it’s like, you can play on someone’s emotion and their vanity, so we did the whole, hey, hashtag us, or tag us, and be featured on our page, and that’s how we kinda grew that community.

Jud Hailey:           Oh, awesome.

Golnaz:                   So, in the beginning, it was a lot of our own pictures, ’cause we needed to fill it up with content, but we’re like, okay, this is isn’t mone- This doesn’t make sense. I’m gonna spend so much money. Yeah, a lot of time, which a lot of foodies do. They love the free food, ’cause they don’t have to [00:18:00] pay for it, so you can take pictures and get content. I’m like, well, it would be nice to have my own content, and also some other people’s content, and just kind of what Facebook does. Facebook has zero content, it’s everybody else’s content.

Jud Hailey:           That’s beautiful.

Golnaz:                   So, I did that, and we played on people’s emotions, in a positive manner, not in a manipulative way, but it was just like, hey, hashtag us and be featured, and once we started featuring people, people are like, oh my god, I’m famous, or like, oh, I made it. Once you make it on Eat.Drink.Dish, you made it.

Jud Hailey:           It becomes a thing.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, if you build it, they will come kind of thing. [00:18:30] I don’t know what the question was, but-


Jud Hailey:           Fried chicken benedict.

Golnaz:                   I think it’s mashed potatoes.

Jud Hailey:           It is mashed potatoes. These homemade biscuits are incredible.

Golnaz:                   So good.

Jud Hailey:           That’s incredible.

Golnaz:                   Something you wanna share, with like five people maybe, I don’t know. Of help yourself, who knows.

Jud Hailey:           What are you currently listening [00:19:00] to?

Golnaz:                   Like music, or just-

Jud Hailey:           Music, podcasts, anything.

Golnaz:                   So I usually, music is just whatever’s on the radio, and I listen to hip hop, so whatever’s there, but I do listen to Gary V, Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, anything [inaudible 00:19:16]. Those are the main ones I can remember their name. There’s this other dude, I don’t remember his name, but he interviews a lot of people, the name just escapes. But a lot of people, I watch [Cold Cast 00:19:27], which is … it’s a Facebook-

Jud Hailey:           I don’t know that one.

Golnaz:                   [00:19:30] It’s just like an inspirational kind of channel, I guess. They put videos up of, I don’t know, Jim Carrey, his speech or something-

Jud Hailey:           Who’s losing his mind.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, which I kind of believe some of the stuff he’s saying, but a little bit moving this way.

Jud Hailey:           He’s losing his freaking mind. Anyways.

Golnaz:                   There’s so much truth in it. But yeah, stuff like, just very motivational stuff. I used to listen to a lot of TED talks. I would love to be on a TED talk one day. I think that would be awesome.

Jud Hailey:           Yeah, TED talks used to be huge for me, [00:20:00] until they let anybody on it.

Golnaz:                   Oh, wow. This is awesome.

Jud Hailey:           This is the steak tacos.

Golnaz:                   Oh, it should be, yeah.

Jud Hailey:           That steak is tender.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, it’s nice crisp to the tortilla. That meat, that steak is like on point. It’s really good.

Jud Hailey:           Yeah, not too spicy. It’s got a kick though.

Golnaz:                   [00:20:30] Really?

Jud Hailey:           It’s got a kick.

Golnaz:                   I’m a Minnesota kid, ’cause I don’t taste it.

Jud Hailey:           It’s got a kick.

Golnaz:                   Alright, if you say so.

Jud Hailey:           I am not a wuss when it comes to … okay, maybe I got the only piece with a kick, okay?

Golnaz:                   Maybe you got a pepper or something, ’cause I don’t …

Jud Hailey:           Can you recommend a book or a documentary to our viewers?

Golnaz:                   Yeah, so I usually travel a lot, and I don’t really read a lot, but when I travel, for some reason it’s like, oh, I need to read something. So I went to a book store, and I found one [00:21:00] of these books called, “The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck”, which totally spoke to me, ’cause I’m like, I need to learn how to not give a fuck sometimes. Sometimes you get a little prideful and very emotional about stuff, and it’s by Mark Manson, and it’s really just like … It’s kind of like … I feel like we could talk about Gary V the whole time, but it’s very much like him, as in how to approach life, and how to just really not give a fuck in a way that’s not offending people, ’cause I’m kind of like that person where like, [00:21:30] I really don’t care a lot about stuff. It doesn’t get to me, but there are certain things that will get to me, and I try to hold it in, and I try to … and that’s really unhealthy too, so he kind of talks you through that, and kind of makes you realize that there’s ways that you can kind of do certain things really seriously, and be responsible, and everything like that, but also be mentally healthy at the same time, and not hold onto things or whatever.

Jud Hailey:           [00:22:00] So, finally, tell us how we can find you.

Golnaz:                   So, you can find me at www.eatdrinkdishminneapolis, or mpls.com, or on Instagram for @eatdrinkdishmpls, and then there’s also Facebook and Twitter, but you’ll find us there, and you’ll be good.

Jud Hailey:           Awesome. Okay, so, I am excited, because you and I have been talking about actually continuing this, and bringing it [00:22:30] into sort of a series within Brews and Eats, and you and I are maybe gonna find some restaurants here and there, that we’re gonna go meet up.

Golnaz:                   That would be awesome.

Jud Hailey:           Okay, I think that would be great.

Golnaz:                   Yeah, I think that would be awesome.

Jud Hailey:           I really appreciate your hanging out with us here on another episode of Brews and Eat with Bad Ass Peeps. My name is Jud Hailey. This is Golnaz. Make sure you go to eatdrinkdishminneapolis.com, to get, well, really just about [00:23:00] everything in Minneapolis for restaurant culinary stuff. It’s awesome. Cheers. Thanks for hanging out with us.

Golnaz:                   Thanks for having me.

Jud Hailey:           Thanks for hanging out with us, guys.

Golnaz:                   Cheers.

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