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About Us

Brews & Eats is a video series about food and entrepreneurship!  This is amazing place to get inspired and learn from others that are doing!  I hope you enjoy the content and drive your own dreams to success!

Hi My Name Is Jud

For as long as I have been a musician I have loved talking to others about the business.  That eventually grew my need to be an entrepreneur.

I have started many businesses in my short life.  Some that helped me eat and some that helped me drain my bank account.  One thing that has been long lasting for me has been my love for the arts.

I started writing songs when I was 9 or 10 years of age.  I started performing professional at the age of 18. 

It seemed to come naturally for me.  Some would say it was a no brainer that I would be an entertainer for a living.

At my young age of 35 I share the home with my beautiful wife and two amazing children.  They defiantly keep me motivated everyday.

What Was Your Worst Entrepreneurial Moment?

I love the line “Success isn’t final and Failure isn’t Fatal.”  It really does sum up my opinion of  business and how I choose to learn.

I remember creating an iPad App that would be used by hotels.  Although, this was designed to installed into hotels (NO DIY HERE).

We spent months and thousands of dollars developing the software.  All the while, we neglected to poll our “audience.”

After building the Software/app. We attempted to pitch the hotels and hospitality industry around us. Learning quickly that there was little to no interest in the app.

Disappointed with our findings we ended or small company with a few cuts and bruises.  It was a few months later when we discovered that one of the gentlemen that we had pitched to designed and released a similar app.

Not much a difference in the software just a better sales pitch/story.

A hard lesson to learn however, three feet from gold.

Brews & Eats with Badass Peeps - recommends

What Are You Currently Listening To?

Brent Cobb

*Changes all the time!

Brews & Eats with Badass Peeps

Recommend a Book or Documentary?

I will recommend both.

Book:  Outwitting The Devil – By Napoleon Hill

Documentaries:  Mind of a Chef 

What Was Your Ah-ha Moment?

With a love for creating anything Visual/Audio stimulating Brews & Eats was just a matter of time.  George Scot says it best:

“You are always in training for the future.” 

Meaning, everything I do is building parts for the next model of me.  I am excited for the future sometimes too excited.

My Ah-ha moment for Brews & Eats starts with a trip to Okoboji, IA where I was performing with two of my great friends.

On this trip it rained the whole weekend forcing us to stay inside.  We decided to create a Q&A style video for youtube. 

A year later, I had an epiphany while reviewing that video.  “What if I ask the same questions to all my music friends?”

I invited Timothy Howe back for the first episode and here we are today.

What Was Holding You Back?

It always amazes me how people answer this question.  Up to this point most have said “nothing has held me back.”

I find that no matter how amazing you are; we all suffer from so sort of procrastination, fear, or poor habits.

I am no special case in this matter.  I find that my follow through is usually the culprit.  I find that when I procrastinate the hard stuff the hard stuff NEVER gets done.

So I would say poor morning habits is what held me back.  Now I strive to create healthy, stimulating routines that optimize my day.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

“Nobody cares how you feel!”

F.O.C.U.S – Follow One Course Until Success

Whats a personal habit that contributes to your success?

I like to chunk routines through out my day.  Creating small moments of production helps me produce weekly.



Thanks for hanging out!
Jud Hailey